My first KAT-TUN live post! 😂
Finally! I’ve decided to post this on my journal. 😂
It’s been a year and 3 months since my first KAT-TUN live and I got arena seats for the first time! 😆 😆 😆 Until now I cannot believed I saw these 3 beautiful man!! 😆
The moment I never forgotten is where KAT-TUN is standing on stage while passing us in the arena seats but the fact that I can’t remember what song they performed that time! 😂 I just mesmerized by the beautiful Kamenashi Kazuya standing perfectly on the stage 😆
Until now I clearly remember that moment, and never forgotten I saw KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya, and Nakamaru Yuichi! I really never forgot Kamenashi face! Omg he’s like a walking perfect mannequin or not a human he’s an alien landed on earth lol
Well. Until now I can’t believe I saw them. My biggest dream is literally happening right now 😆
Hmm so that’s it from now I will post next KAT-TUN live tour 2018 cast. And that’s also is the one of my unforgettable live tour in my fan girl life. 😂
Until then. Janee

can I be an active member of livejournal

can I be an active member of live-journal?

years later I made 2 accounts in lj but now that I only have time to type my story
I doubt that I can't be an active member, but I try to.. but I only have on and off internet.
I do have many social media accounts, but do I have to open them at all time? haha

If only my friends concern on me.. haha anyway, I only have a little confidence to type my story
What I'm doing at the moment, as I said before, I'm not good in English. Maybe, I'll make my journal in tagalog? haha but only few friends can read that

Many communities required an active account here in lj..
I can't remember how many communities I joined in..
My biggest problem is my grammar, big problem I quest haha

I don't have any talent writing a love story or to write a fanfic.

Whenever I wrote a story, it has always no ending. lol!
Oh well, my sister is much better in using English.

Anyhow, my future job doesn't required an English speaking skills.
LUCKY! But for me I really need more time to practice my English. haha

My time is running out. My yasumi days are already counting and I only have few months till then. I wish I can use my brain to pass care worker exam in japan

Maybe I'm those who had more luck, but I wish my older cousin also pass the matching and get new employer.
I was lucky to choose by my future employer. There are so kind to me.. yokatta!
Miss translator is also so approachable to me and she remember me.. xD Btw I don't remeber her name though I didn't ask her name either. xD

Oh.. My second post is long enough to read haha
So maybe you can enjoy my story
In real life, I'm not that approachable person, because I think I'm scared of being rejected but if I have time, I really do reply my inbox
So spare with me.. I'm kind person. Believe me.. :)

from now on..

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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my first entry xD

check check! xDDD

I'll try to post anything on this journal!
un.. I think this is the time post something and try new one for my self
my friends also post on journal so can I do that also? xD
I know that I'm not good in English but I'll try! xD

"I want to try new things, new experience, new learning,
new place? who knows where can I be?" XDDD

I had a good news for myself! XD My cousin called me told me that I'm qualified and passed the matching! I was shaking while answering her. Okay I don't know how to explain that but I wish that I can passed the medical. -cross fingers-

My body was shaking and sweating that I don't why, but I guest my body reacts more than my mind! lol! I was awake till 2am? I guest haha

Until now, I can't believe that I passed! I think we wait this for 2 years but sadly my older cousin couldn't pass the matching, so sad that we had mix emotions to that.

Anyhow, I'm so happy that this was the first step to my dream! When I was a little child, I was amaze by anime, manga, Japanese culture, & so on.. As a child I was a little shy and quite in a corner.
I was bully by my friends when I was elementary but I guest that's make me more stronger than before.
Now, I want to face whatever happens in the future, I want to make myself stronger than ever. "I can do this!" XD

With a little thumping in my heart xD
This is the time I will be alone by my self, I know I can do this :D

I wish it will be alright! :D

I wish I'll pass my medical, and I know that the time will be so fast
And I also know that I will be guide by him. I'll always pray that it will come :D
Thanks to the lord!

"Keep the faith"!

From a song by KAT-TUN! XD

This simple word that I always use in anyone. I give courage to others but, can I give my self courage? Yes please! :)

So.. I think it's okay to end my first entry lol!
I've been a user of lj for a long time but, it's only now that I have time to type haha

It's so sunny and I feel the warm. But I guest it will rain till night -out of the topic- lol!

I'm so happy it happen and in the same time, I can feel the thumping and nervousness in my hand haha
Anyway, I can surely do this job!
Even I know it will hard to stay away from your love ones

This is my dream, and I know I can! :D

Go far as long as you can! Get your dream to make it happen! :D

Tsukame! Tsuyoku!

That's for now.
Ganbarimashou! :D
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